50:50 Online project pages

50:50 Online is a System 50:50 project.

It is an `on-line project` or telematic project,  alternatively it simply uses the internet to share and exchange content that over time is collated into one finshed sound file of musical content. It is a collaborative project for improvisers who are at a distance from each other,  their actions may or may not be synchronised in real time. The participants employ System 50:50 during the improvisations.

There are two categories to 50:50 online, Sound-on-sound & 50:50 Live Online

50:50 Online is a System 50:50 project.
telemat50:50 online `The Blank Canvas Orchestra Live``
50:50 online project `The Blank Canvas Octet Live``
  Sound on Introduction: 50:50 Online, A system 50:50 project…