50:50 Online - The Blank Canvas Octet Live

50:50 online project `The Blank Canvas Octet Live``
Summary, a short version:

The Blank Canvas Octet ilive online is a collaborative project for improvisers at a distance from each other, employing System 50:50. The process involves playing, improvising in real time in the web application Zoom. Zoom is a virtual-host venue, it is online, the event and its content is supported and framed by the web application Zoom. The target is 8 musicians but the numbers may vary from 4 up to 12.

The proposed concert format for Blank Canvas Online - The Blank Canvas Octet live, is as follows

Number of improvisers, 12
Number of sessions, piece is 3
Number of improvisers in each piece, is 8
The improvisers participate in two pieces
The improvisers are members of an audience for one piece
Duration of each piece is to be decided, here is a suggestion: Duration 15 minutes, Freeplay 6 minutes, Tacet 9 minutes.

This project is open to improvisers who

  • Never played with the Octet before,
  • Live outside the UK
  • Never played `System 50:50` before`
  • It helps to let us know which of these apply to you

The term live is used to differentiate this project with other 50:50 Online projects which are based on file sharing and not `live`

Summary, the long version, a detailed review,

google drive image 01 275 183

For more information and detail click the `google drive` image to view the documentation for this project
This document is the source and is updated with the addition of new thinking.





At the foot of this article there is a link to a pdf version of the google drive document.  The pdf maybe `out of date` but still relevant.

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