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telemat50:50 online `The Blank Canvas Orchestra Live``
Summary, a short version:

The Blank Canvas Orchestra live online is a collaborative project for improvisers at a distance from each other, employing System 50:50. The process involves playing, improvising in real time in the web application Zoom. Zoom is a virtual-host venue, it is online, the event and its content is supported and framed by the web application Zoom. The target is 16 musicians and above, if you are new to this is might look like a road crash waiting to happen: no worries system 50:50 sorts that out.

50:50 The Blank Canvas Orchestra Live, this maybe like Blank Canvas octet Live but with more improvisers, we will find out when we do it. The speculation is that `System 50;50` can be used as a compositional tool and that the Blank Canvas Orchestra Live; use more extreme settings on the clocks, employ different settings for different sub groups on the Orchestra. A tool? we will discover this potential when we get there.


Summary, the long version, a detailed review,

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For more information and detail click the `google drive` image to view the documentation for this project.
This document is the source and is updated with the addition of new thinking.





At the foot of this article there is a link to a pdf version of the google drive document.  The pdf maybe `out of date` but still relevant. 

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