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Program – BIMHUIS Amsterdam

Jazz en Improvisatie podium Amsterdam
  • Kris Davis’ Diatom Ribbons

    Diatom Ribbons came into being during the recording of the eponymous album by Kris Davis, which she created with numerous well-known musicians from New York. Something remarkable happened during the session with DJ Val Jeanty and drummer Terri Lyne Carrington, where three different worlds collided: free improvisation on piano, sound art on turntables and strong […]

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  • Workshop & Session

    WORKSHOP The BIMHUIS workshop is freely accessible to both musicians and audience. All instruments, including vocals, are welcome. Advanced registration is not necessary. Musicians who’d like to follow the workshop are required to be present and ready to play at 8PM. It’s possible to come and listen first without taking part. The subject is improvisation, […]

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  • PolyBandA Question of Ma

    Since 2009, WhyNot has organized a biennial festival, which aims to open up the dance scene from within by connecting dance and performance art to other creative worlds and disciplines, letting new forms emerge. In this edition (22-25 january) WhyNot focuses on the body and movement in relation to architecture and space. With tonight in […]

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  • Æ – Anton Eger ft. Robin Mullarkey, Matt Calvert, Tony Roe

    Anton Eger attracts all the attention with his impressive drumming, as could be noticed in his performances at the BIMHUIS with Phronesis and the Marius Neset Quartet. As a teenager Anton played the cymbals in a marching band, developed an interest in classical percussion and started his first punk band. After a year serving as […]

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  • WORM’s Smoking Room is Officially Closed to Smokers
    Heads up! Due to the law changes, WORM’s Smoking Room can no longer be used for smoking… So go outside for gaspers! Of course, you can still pop in and sniff the nicotine-soaked cladding or pace about and think of the nails you’ve previously placed in your coffin. Or just pop outside and spark up.
  • Rotterdam Music City January 2020
    7 Rotterdam venues, Rotown, WORM, Baroeg, Roodkapje, Grounds, Bird and LantarenVenster – have joined forces to highlight the strong alternative / underground music scene in Rotterdam. Each venue has picked a couple of shows from their programme. For other shows, check the venue websites. Download the January 2020 calendar here. The Open City supports #RotterdamMusicCity
    Want to work in WORM’s busy PR department?  Here’s what we need.  We are looking for someone who lives and breathes the arts and the counterculture.  Someone who is active, inquisitive and likes to visit – and document – our events. And someone who can get their friends to where the party is. Pro skills in Adobe […]
  • Daily Chaos #8
    Bjefke Bonnema: “Gelukkig bleven wij cool” Deze dame was van 2005 tot 2009 onze PR-persoon en bedrijfsleider voor WORM – in roerige tijden dus. Tovertunnel of Terror Eind jaren 90 zal het geweest zijn, mijn eerste date met WORM. Destijds nog Dodorama in de Volksmond. WORM dus. Gewoon aan de Rochussenstraat. Inderdaad, een woning in […]