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Butoh international Festival. Munganga Theatre. Amsterdam 9-10 October UNCONVENTIONAL, EXPERIMENTAL,…

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  • An after story of “Back from the Cocoon”
    Good news! The Performance Bar has reopened, and I can’t wait to share an after story about Saturday’s event “Back from the Cocoon”, hosted by Bram Komen. The first thing to notice when entering is that The Performance Bar has a very immersive and intimate atmosphere, with the well-balanced lighting: brightly-illuminated neon stage/bar set against […]
  • Slash Gallery Barber Ivan Winter New Column in Vers Beton
    Ivan Winter is a barber and a maker whose calm energy and openness will easily make you feel comfortable. Currently, his pop-up barbershop, which he co-runs with Don Stone is situated in our  Slash Gallery. Read the new column of Ivan in Vers Beton! He reveals more about what people share with him on the […]
    Markers, oil pastels and symbols are the elements of Iloy Drisdale’s canvases, on show during the first PEOPLES event (a sort of open art salon in a barbershop, with Ivan Winter and Don Stone, running throughout the summer months – Ed). Talking to him I discover that the preferred language of this artist are precisely […]
  • TRICKSTER: HEROPERA: Untold Tales of Gynoid Heroines
    Tonight is the first time that finally, after a long period of closure, WORM’s audience can once again attend a theatrical performance. The UBIK space is marked out with arrows and lines that space out the seats, but everything seems well balanced. Tonight we start again with the female group, TRICKSTER, bringing HEROPERA back on […]