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Anglesey Unus multorum 04-19.04.2020

Creatives and makers, inventors and artists will once again descend upon Plas Bodfa, an empty manor house on the Isle of Anglesey in Wales. In our second, house-wide, radically multi-disciplinary exhibition you can explore 69 different creative projects and installations and savour 40+ pop-up performances.  

We will also be launching our newest project ‘Plas Bodfa Objects’ with over 50 sets of unique artist multiples. Offered at affordable prices and created for a wide audience, these limited-edition creations celebrate uniformity and easy dissemination.

The theme is ‘Unus multorum’ a Latin phrase meaning ‘one of many’. It was used in Roman times as a neutral pseudonym when publishing texts anonymously.

In a world 7.7 billion strong, there is certainly power in a multitude, strength in numbers. We form groups and societies, creating our identity through nation building, tribal structures, brand loyalty, subcultures and sports teams. We find pleasure in repetitive patterns, comfort in group ritual. Collective action requires us to focus on the things we have in common, rather than our individuality.

Plas Bodfa is just one house, in one village, in one country, at this particular moment in history. Particular, yes...uncommon, no. This exhibition explores the ubiquitous, the omnipresent and the universal materials and processes that are all-around, all-over, all-the-time.

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• Accretion Entropy • Adele Kettwell • Alec Shepley • Amanda Fullwood • Andrew Smith • Andy Hodges • Angela Stringer • Angharad Ruth Harrop • Anita Ricketts • Anna Lisa Lloyd • Anne Weshinskey • Annie Horsley • Aveline Kyffin • Bill Chaimbers • Cara Jones • Ceyda Oskay • Charlie Parker • Chris Bond • Christina Upmalis • Christine Jukes • Christine Thomas • Cyrus Kellick • David Garner • Debbie Budenberg • Eve Goodman • Fiona Davies • Gill Collier • Gwen Williams • Helen Birnbaum • Helen Wyn Pari • Hopewell Ink • Huw Gareth Jones • Jan Hale • Jane Ross • Janet Tryner • Jayelle Neal • Janina Holloway • Jo Alexander • John Smith • Jonathan Lewis • Judith Samuel • Julie Jones • Julie Upmeyer • Kana Choir • Karen Birkin • Kate Parker • Katherine Betteridge • Katie Ellidge • LEAK • Lee Green • Lillemor Latham • Lindsey Colbourne • Lisa Hudson • Liz von Graevenitz • Marirose Pritchard • Material Matters • Maud Haya Baviera • Meg Pirie • Michael Prince • Michael Wiggan • Michele Heidi Sutton • Mishelle Kit • Nefelibata • Ness Owen • Nicky Perrin • Nicola Carter • Niki Cotton • Nisa Lynn Ojalvo • Olwen Elias Evans • Pat Arnao • Peg McNulty • Peter Boyd • Philip Cassidy • Philippa Brown • Rachel Rosen • Remy Dean • Rene Evans • Richard Hepenstal • Rita Ann • Rosie Green • Rosie Williams • Ruth Cousins • Sally Fairclough • Sarah Holyfield • Sarah Jane Richards • Sezgi Abali • Sian Hughes • Simon Le Ruez • Sioned Eleri Roberts • Stanley Bould • Steph Shipley • Stephanie Spindler • Steve Green • Susan Meredith • Susan Cantrill-Williams • Tom Witherick • Usha Mahenthiralingam • Wanda Garner • Zoe Skoulding •

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