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SoundOut is an annual International festival of Free improvisation, Free Jazz and Experimental Musics + held in Canberra. Due to a shortfall in funding from our local government we are running this campaign to ensure the festival continues

You have been invited to complete this form to enable the organisers to find ways to improve and expand on their practice and improve the experience at events that are delivered

New, the form now includes the facility to upload documents in addition to completing the form. A very useeful tool and addition, consider using the upload file tool if; you have lots to say, evidence eg photos.


Event name, date and venue
In your own words your general comments
Three good experiences, 3 poor experiences
Specific technical issues in relation to your performance. Also technical comments regarding the building and social space.
Presentation issues including Front Of House, please write freely if you think the presentation on the night is amateurish and needs to be more professional: but I request you give examples and solutions
Communications Are they clear, simple .and work? If not, evidence & examples are required eg "mumbling" "could not find the toilet"
Suggestions: Nudges; change our thinking Here , as a participant in a this event, you can propose changes, big or micro. changes that help us move forward.in the creative process of delivering creative events!
Upload a File: Allowed types jpg, jpeg, png, gif, doc, docx, xls, xlsx. max size 2000kb or 2mb
Name: or enter anonymouse *
E-mail: - if wish to remain anonymous - just enter test@test.com*
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