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50:50 Online & Improvisers North Wales project present Grŵp Cynfas Gwag Live on Zoom

An open free event for people who are interested in collaborative improvised music.

Organisation: Improvisers North Wales an organisation that supports free ensemble improvisation.

Retreat:Wales 2022! Aims to take you to a peaceful place in Wales, rural and remote, where in solitude or in the presence of a community, artists can refresh and renew their engagement with the nature and practice of free ensemble improvisation in music and thought



Retreat and introduction

  • Start up year 2013, The target year for retreat one, was 2017 now it is 2022
  • Location: is North Wales
  • Target practioners is international - cross platform - multi - discipline,
  • Curaters & project managers are
    • Phillip Morton - Liverpool:UK -
    • To be confirmed: Improvisers North Wales
  • Project management style duplicates Improvisers North wales constitution.
  • With thanks for the work and support at the start phase in 2013 by Emma Louis. North wales
  • Start up funding : Arts Council Wales, thank you!

To register an interest in this project,

  • send an  email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

join the conversation

This article was unpublished in 2018. Progress came to a stand still, static. Then  in 2021 as an unexpected outcome and consequence of COVID-19 and the software ZOOM I speculate there has been an increase in connectivity, networking, communication and social discourse between improvisers. This new connectivity could form the constituency of interest that makes the relaunch of `retreats for improvisers` a viable and realistic proposal..
Phil Morton commends this to the house of the commons.

creative content

Not all activities carried out by individuals or groups in the genre or practice of `free improvisation` are free ensemble improvisations,

Examples of interference with the practice of free improvisation are.

  • Compositions,
  • scores,
  • graphic scores,
  • games,
  • exercises,
  • text pieces,
  • writen text instructions.

P Morton has come to adopt a term used by others: referential, in an attempt to categorise this list of methods that tresspass into the world of free improv. Referential simply means the improviser is required to refer to an external referent, that maybe a document or idea that influences what the person does within the parameters of music.

Here is a proposed list of what may happen at a Retreat.

  • Unmetered free ensemble improvisation - the duration, and therefore the end of the piece is not known when the piece begins
  • Metered free ensemble  improvisation - the duration, and therefore the end of the piece is known when the piece begins
  • System 50:50
  • gathering concept
  • Noise upstairs concept.

Related: awaiting further citation

  • Free ensemble improvisation is not created it creates itself, it is self generating, the act of listening enables this to happen. (Summary of T Nunn)

Venue requirements

Full list to follow


  • Two performance , rehearsal spaces.
  • Accomodation
    • Either on site or within 30 minutes drive of the location
    • The accomodation is likely to be a mixture of
      • Camping
      • Private rooms hosted by the venue
      • Private rooms at an external location.
  • Electricity & heating.
  • Food : notes to follow,

proposed schedule

The retreat concept: is to last for more than one day.
More citation is required.

Some consideration

Notes are to follow.

Ikaros Studio Conwy North Wales

Address: Nanerth, Pandy Tudor, Abergele LL22 8UN

Created and maintained by the artists, Andrew leslie Hooker and Meliisa Pusut


Anoikis is a contemporary dance company dedicated to choreographic and electroacoustic research. Anoikis is developing its signature live electroacoustic/experimental dance compositions to incorporate the languages of butoh and extreme characterization

Anoikis website


Find the A548
From Llanrwst turn right onto B5384
From the north / Abergele direction turn left onto the B5348
After 1.4 miles (google maps says) turn right onto an unclassified road, which has a display with the word Nanerth on it
refer to the image below

Llanrwst (google maps) is 5.8 miles, the duration by car is 13 minutes.
Llanrwst has two railway stations, so be careful if you arrange to meet at the station!


The foreground road is the B5348, one of the signs (google street life) says Nanerth, take this track to reach your destination

Screenshot Ikaros Nanerth 800px

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