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Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival,
The UK’s largest international festival of new and experimental music

Ami Yamasaki & Charlie Collins at Access Space

Access Space presents a rare opportunity to explore the sound world of the remarkable Ami Yamasaki, who makes her UK debut in a series of concerts with percussionist Charlie Collins.

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A collaboration between the Discus and Confront labels bringing you some fantastic creative music from leading improvising musicians.

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John Butcher Saxaphone (UK, 1954) Magnetic Bottle IV (2019) World Premiere

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UNspellable #2

Ami Yamasaki (voice) & Charlie Collins (waterphone & percussion)
+ Derek Saw (brass)

Free Range is a charity based in Canterbury that presents an award-winning series of experimental music, film and poetry events with a policy of free-entry.

Take me to the river

Published in Sonic Gaze Events

Sound Out is an experimental vocal workshop using deep listening and extended vocal technique- if you are sick and tired of vocal mimicking and SATB come and use your voice to create something amazing ?

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