System 50:50 It is democratic, is it

Fast thinking, quick points


  1. Democratic sounds good: BUT is system 50:50 democratic? we do not vote during a system 50;50 session
  2. Maybe equal or equality is a more apt phrase, everyone has their own clock, with the same timings displayed, the same ratios
  3. All players start with the same times on their clocks regardless of technical ability, competencies, personal histories or `status`
  4. All players are equal? or is the times allocated to them are equal, of the same value.
  5. Helon Conning believes she would not have said this, she would have not used democratic but the phrase `fair do's`.
  6. Phil Morton believes he heard her say it, and noted it because it was unusual, or he was surprised he had not listed this point of view as a plus point prior to her saying it. Ms Conning is happy for the phrase to stand. For PM this maybe a false memory.

Slow thinking, the summary is to follow, a work in slow progress

Concepts, democracy, equality, `being free`, System 50:50 for further imformation just google it `improvisers networks system 50;50`


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