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Changing Rooms Network Wales Blog Dec 2020

Chris Parfitt - Wales Chris Parfitt - Wales

Changing Rooms


And on we play still mostly on zoom but the community of improvisors is trying to keep connected. Telematics is a new part of what we are doing, and I suspect when we finally get back into the room together telematic connection will continue to be used as a tool for playing. One thing I really like is the accidental experiments that are taking place. The juggle with latency and what was preserved to be heard or seen but was never there, - wonderful misdirection.

Improvising in a room, with 4 players puts every one into the same physical space, which is one less barrier to communication, regular playing together in the same physical space is another reduction to the barrier in communicating, (but then we are always in different psychological spaces,) now we are not in the same room, playing through a telematic medium as well as our chosen sounds making tools - what a beautiful challenge! But a word of caution. Telematic communication implies a level of resources and equipment that is not always accessible to all and a broad band width and stability to facilitate a usable connection, so whilst some may be exploring new dimensions others may be feeling quite left out – so at the very least keep talking about improvisation, music, ideas, plans and all things that make us tick, so we are ready to go when the chance comes.

Keep sending in links and information about what you are up to. And get involved with things like the Improvisors Network and CoDI Off Grid.

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