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Improvisers North Wales Paid caretakers for free ensemble improvisation meetings.

Organisation: Improvisers North Wales an organisation that supports free ensemble improvisation.


Key function of the organisation.

The support and deliver a weekly session of free ensemble improvisation in the host’s region. The target being weekly sessions with an attendance of 6 people (not always the same people).

From a standing start as a fresh new organisation this key aim may take up to three years to establish.

Role description 1: The primary role is for a person to be in attendance so the session can proceed. The person need not be responsible for the creative content, need not act as a curator.

Caretaker tasks and duties may include

  • The named contact for the session
  • To arrive first.
  • Basic meet and greet duties.
  • To know how to access the space.
  • Where are the keys?
  • The location of the room in a multi-room building. Where are the toilets? basic health and safety issues.
  • The light switches.
  • Access to electricity.
  • To ensure the broom is vacated at the agreed time and everyone does leave.
  • Phil Morton refers to this list as basic house keeping.


  • Incubation and launch phases. PM proposes that the role is paid during the incubation and launch phases, as he expects no-one to volunteeer for free.
    • A voluntary - or unpaid - role that is realistic could evolve if the role is shared for example by three individuals who rotate and share their attendance to deliver this role. Alternatively there maybe a mix of paid and unpaid individuals delivering this role, the later maybe the host!
  • Long term (after 3 years) if a community is built up, a strong community of free improvisers should not have to pay individuals to deliver such basic duties for and on behalf of the network.

Frequency of the paid role:

  • Once per month., for up to a year. Prob 10 sessions.
  • The other sessions in the weekly cycle are completely voluntary, as it is not expected these costs can be covered by funding or subs
  • Desirable: Three people share the role and it is rotated.


Suggested fee. £30

Target start date

February 2022

Related to the Curator

Related: The curator of the sessions and session content.

This additional role is to be responsible for the creative content of the session. It is debatable how much this is required. This secondary role may be a different person to the related role of `The Caretaker`. The aims of the organisation are free ensemble improvisation, so the creative content is restricted to just that expressed as follows.

  • Free ensemble improvisation (unmetered)
  • Free ensemble improvisation metered: e.g play 3 pieces 10 minutes long.
  • System 50:50
  • The noise upstairs model.
  • The Gathering model

loose ends:

  • What to do about
    • Workshops: workshop may develop skills that support free ensemble improvisation, but the drills and exercises more often than not: are not free ensemble improvisation.
    • Room charges


The payment of subs (monthly) by the participants.
Charges paid by participants who do not pay subs.
Finding funding for this role


Please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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