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Just google it poster campaign Wales

`Just google it` campaign, an introduction

Proposal: short version,

  • A marketing campaign in hard copy, in printed format that promotes free improvisation in Wales.
    • By directing the viewer to a portal that displays information about free improvisation in Wales, URL LINK
    • There is funding available for this - but not signed off, but available.
  • Locations for display, Social spaces, music venues, sites of higher education with a art/music courses, art centres.
  • This campaign is linked to, social media camapign, and the `just google it` post card & business card campaigns.
  • Size A3, the Welsh version may need to be A3 with 2 A4 version embedded within, one English & one Welsh
  • This is a short and simplistic introduction.
  • Please consider the contextualizing this proposal with this phrase `Good enough for now, safe enough to try` - we can, edit, and change this over time, Phil Morton suggests this is good enough for now.
  • end of short intro

Notes on the Welsh version:

  • the phrase within the `google search box` needs to be `improvisers networks Wales ` if we want the portal to be displayed as the first ranked item in the google search results web page.
  • The text in the Welsh version has not been `signed off` and is still in `draft` mode - 04.10.2019


 This project is supported by the Improvisers Networks discussion forum

  • Follow this link
  • Or enter the uniaque search reference T1382 in the search box of the forum

A3 Version 6B cymru 800px wide


 Here is a version in English

A3 Version 6B wales 800px wide


Created by Phil Morton, Liverpool UK using `gimp` software, on a laptop. Linux Ubuntu 18.04
Copies available on request.
PNG image files are available to download at the bottom of this article.


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