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Free Jazz Collective Books section

Free Jazz Collective - book section, has a list of books that should be of interest to improvisers, free or otherwise


Free Jazz Collective - About Us
Free = liberated from social, historical, psychological and musical constraints
Jazz = improvised music for heart, body and mind

LINK to the book section at the Jazz Collective: URL LINK

The Free Jazz Collective is a volunteer group of passionate and adventurous listeners and musicians dedicated to spreading the gospel of improvised music. The blog is dedicated to authentic, adventurous, accurate, artistic and attention-grabbing avant-garde and free jazz.

The blog was started in 2006 by Stef Gjissels who ran it single-handedly until late 2010. Since then, the blog has expanded with an ever-evolving set of international contributors located in the USA, Europe and the Middle East. It currently hosts over 2500 reviews and counting, of primarily free jazz recordings, and also some video and books.

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