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In 2016 Alexander Cutteridge of Centrifuge wrote `Networked Performance, Telematic Music, Internet Jamming, Tele-musical Improvisation - these are some of the names for this proposal. The premise is simply to have a regular session whereby some players perform together in one room (with an audience) and have some others join them from different locations, different rooms, cities, countries, etc`

In 2020 Phil Morton adds: or the alternative is, all of the participants are online, there is no physical concert room. In theory there could be an audience.

For this presentation Phil Morton is using the phrase `Telematic improvisation` as a category lable for this activity, that is: an improvisation, free or otherwise, by a group of people who are not in the same location and communicate, connect, and relate via the internet or other tele-communicational super highway (ISDN?)

Alternatives to the category name `Telematic Improvisation` are welcomed

Contradiction: The process of file sharing to create audio material that is assembly of `improvisations` created by `free improvisers` for this purpose. The inclusion of what is currently called `file sharing` is not `telematic improvisation` performed in real time over the internet: methinks. File sharing however is currently included in this section.

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