Online: New Pathways in Improvisation @MDX 04-05.11.2021

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New Pathways in Improvisation @MDX


Middlesex University London presents New Pathways in Improvisation: a free, livestreamed 2-day conference and performance event featuring internationally renowned artists who improvise in music, dance, theatre, and visual arts. The event emphasizes interdisciplinary collaboration.

Among the artists presenting are

  • Charlotte Hug,
  • Nick Roth,
  • Sayoko Onishi,
  • Olesya Zdorovetska,
  • Vida Midgelow,
  • Benjamin Dwyer,
  • Jonathan Impett,
  • and Kate Ryder.

There seems to be little information about this event, but it certainly sounds like it’s thematically consistent with the sort of stuff I normally mention in this newsletter! If you attend, you might be rewarded with that feeling of mystery and discovery that we’re all constantly trying and failing to capture as we roll the ol’ boulder up the hill each day. That’s gotta be worth the price of admission! - wrote International Institute for Critical Studies in Improvisation

The price of admission is $0, by the way. On top of that, you don’t even have to leave your house! What a steal! Register here!


Neither the artists,the venue, the event host or promoter posted the event details to this feature. Please check that the details listed are true (eg venue, date and start time) before traveling to the event.

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