Documentaries conversations and testimonies

Documentaries conversations and testimonies on the subject, free improvisation in performance. A new site presentation launched January 2018. Page layout and design, yes needs to be improved, this delivers ones of the projects core remits, the sharing of ideas and the debate. More to follow in 2018

This is a documentary film about a pioneering jazz…
Terry Riley discussed the genius of John Coltrane, his…
Colours & Shapes: Portraits of Free Improvisers (Trailer)
`A wonderful short documentary made by the Dutch film…
In conversation with David Toop 
4 Composers, Laurie Anderson, Tania Leon, Meredith Monk, Pauline Oliveros 
Introduction and invitation to propose a media inclusion.  
Snap Full Interview Phil Morton & Maggie Nicols
Can free improvisation be taught
Amplified gestures - full feature, recommended  
Amplified Gesture, an introduction to free improvisation, a clip
A Guardian documentary takes you inside its world, talking…
An emergent Underscore: a conversation with Nancy Stark Smith…
Notes on blindness, Rainfall 
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