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Blank Canvas project team : Open call

Blank Canvas (Merseyside uk) project team needs new members 


to deliver and develop its work. The target is 4 team members but it could be forty. The small number could apply to; people with time, skills, attention, experience and more. the larger number could apply to people who just want to help out, move table around on the night of a gig, put a poster up in a hallway, click the like button of a facebook page. 

The aim of the project is promote free improvisation in performance, mainly music, through the delivery of live events and concerts.

This aim is delivered and managed by a management system call praxis, here the word is being used to express an attitude and an approach.

The project Blank Canvas is managed by a management team called simply, praxis : blank canvas.

Praxis arts or praxisarts.online takes the praxis model and delivers projects, events across the country and digital domains. 

More detail and pages will follow on this topic, for now here are few basic points

  1. A definition, praxis is an open management system operating in the digital domain
  2. Training will be given
  3. Key personal skills required: The ability to act digitally or be open to working in the digital office space.
  4. Essential : ability to use skype ( or other voip ) - to follow written procedures, to use a checklist.
  5. Training will be given and the skills learnt are transferable.
  6. Minimum time required : 1 hour per month plus training & meetings. 
  7. Desirable time required, more than 1 hour per month.
  8. This is a voluntary position.
  9. More details to follow - for now here is an organisational map URL LINK

proposed by Phil Morton

  1. 20 years experience managing events promoting free improvisation in music
  2. 20 years + experience and training in delivering workshops in the nature and practice of free improvisation in music to an advanced level.
  3. 15 years involvement in working in the cooperative, common ownership movement and developing its practice. Active in all areas of management. 
  4. Working in other situations, in a other management system mainly Frakture.org  the delivery of 50+ projects securing funding of over £100k from multiple sources.

What happens next

  1. if you are interest in the music, the practice or interested in the project management process to deliver these artforms, just
  2. Find the contact form for this specific project, send an email simply saying interested. Take it from there.
  3. The contact form will be on the project page of the website http://www.improvisersnetwork.co.uk/ ; as a menu item upper right hand column. Or use the search box on the main menu found on the home page.
  4. end






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