Wednesday, August 12, 2020
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The Listening Room Online presents Branton Hackett Morton 03.07.2020

The Listening room presents Branton | Hackett | Morton
Originally a `live stream` on YouTube
on Friday 3rd July at 14.30 BST at this web link
Free event.

This is the recording.

PHIL MORTON, accidents and treatments

A series of improvisations hosted by the web application zoom and broadcast via the web platform YouTube. The web link(s) above will display this event when it goes live.

The show will feature four pieces with 1 minute tacet between each piece.

Piece 1, duration 8 minutes
Piece 2, duration 8 minutes
Piece 3, duration 8 minutes
Piece 4, duration 8 minutes

The trio have met on a weekly schedule via the web application zoom during the COVID-19 lockdown. On this occasion the meeting is to be shared with public via YouTube Live and presented as a concert.
The trio often apply fixed time constraints or duration to what is called free improvised music that normally has no fixed length. So it is with this concert presentation. There will be 4 pieces with 1 minutes tacet periods. Each piece will last for 8 minutes.

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