Thursday, April 09, 2020
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09 April 2020

phonography ::: field recording ::: the art of sound-hunting ::: open your ears and listen
  • #708: 2020.04.05
    we hope you are all holding up well, staying healthy, staying home, and using your time wisely. we produce framework from a home-studio, so it is just about the only aspect of life under lockdown that has not been affected. we have featured recordings in the last few shows reflecting the new sonic realities of our world under quarantine, and we have seen that works like these are generating some interesting discussion and reflection around the ethics of recording under emergency environments and conditions, with regards to risk (to oneself and others), safely, rights, creativity, promotion and intention. these, we feel, are considerations that the field recordist always needs to take into account, which have been amplified by our current situation, and we are pleased to see these questions being asked and these discussions taking place. meanwhile, we're taking a different approach for this edition, attempting to provide our ears with some other listening, sounds from outside the pandemic, as distraction perhaps, or maybe meditation. [...]
  • #707: 2020.03.29 [tomasz pizio]
    this edition of framework:afield has been produced in quarantine in poland by tomasz pizio, and features sounds recently recorded (following social distancing guidelines) and contributed to the aporee maps documenting the change in global soundscapes due to the onset of the coronavirus, Covid-19. for more of tomasz' work see [...]
  • #706: 2020.03.22
    our first regular edition from inside the quarantine - this week we featured a handful of recordings from the aporee soundmaps documenting the unusual reality we are all now living in, from a sonic perspective. giuseppe gavazza has been documenting the soundscapes during the lockdown in a series of recordings made in turin in northern italy. here we listen to recordings from his terrace, in this usually busy city, at sunrise (at the top of the show) and sunset (at the bottom). also, the calm of one of brussels' usually busy tourist destinations by flavien gillié. we'll keep our eyes on the maps for more recordings of interest to our current situation, and continue featuring them in the show. [...]
  • #705: 2020.03.15 [luís antero]
    these are strange times, and none of us around the world really knows what the next few weeks/months will bring. but this is a time when these digital communities we have built over these last couple of decades really become valuable. and as many of us will all have lots of time at home in the near term, hopefully framework's archives of over 700 hours of sounds from around the world can be of some comfort to our ears. this week, for example, while none of us can travel there, we can explore the beira serra region of portugal nonetheless. so now more than ever, open your ears and listen! [...]
  • #704: 2020.03.08 [IWD]
    this is a celebratory, all-woman international women's day takeover of framework radio. the concept, mixing and mastering of this show were shared by long-term framework radio contributors, jilliene sellner, and felicity (felix) ford. the show mixes field recordings, soundart and phonography from women around the world, mostly collected through an open call shared online. [...]