Wednesday, December 02, 2020
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02 December 2020

phonography ::: field recording ::: the art of sound-hunting ::: open your ears and listen framework radio
  • #736: 2020.11.29 [mark vernon]
    The Dominion of Din is a radio play made out of recordings from a single fixed perspective over an eighteen-year period. It is created entirely from field recordings made out of the rear window of my flat in the West End of Glasgow. In essence, it is a catalogue of exterior sounds that have annoyed, disturbed or angered me over the years living at this residence - and sounds that have largely disappeared during lockdown. [...]
  • #735: 2020.11.22
    some sounds we're really excited about this week, by our old friend emmanuel holterbach (as yet unreleased work for field recordings, objects and finnish poetry - labels take note!), as well as by three new names to the program, xiang, daniel kordík, and claudia ferretti. also aporee map sounds from croatia (the amazing sea organ that can be found there), lithuania, the u.s. and greece. and we began with a framework introduction recorded for us in the uk by richard bentley.
  • #734: 2020.11.15 [kent macpherson]
    As Covid-19 gripped New Zealand in March 2020, field recordist Kent Macpherson began documenting his surroundings. Making field recordings in his back yard for 65 consecutive days. From Lockdown level 3 through 4 then back again to level one, these recordings document the sounds of a rural village in the Waikato region of the north island. It is interesting to note the slow fade of the cicadas as the days become colder in May. Then the native New Zealand bird, the Tui begins its courtship song. The absence of human din means the fauna are allowed a certain freedom. The native wildlife begins to communicate with a clarity not known in its generation. Then as the quarantine lifts, the modulating white noise of motor vehicles once again cuts through that freedom.
  • #733: 2020.11.08
    i didn't quite realise how long this playlist was going to be when mixing this show, but it is indeed - 26 individual tracks by 11 artists, but wow, are there some great sounds in here. yifeat ziv's site-specific vocal experiments really shine in this mix, along with brett masteller's unreleased works, sailboat sounds captured by marine drouan, campsite ambiance reworkings by doug haire, haikus by annette vande gorne, and this week's selection of listener chosen favorite from the aporee maps. go and hunt these works down - they deserve to be heard on their own as well. [...]
  • #732: 2020.11.01 [thomas park]
    Thomas Park and his wife Torrey are very happy with their abode-- since moving in nearly 5 years ago, their favorite thing to do is to stay at home, visit one another and get things done. You will likely never visit their home in Saint Louis, unless you know them personally. Thomas wanted to express some of the joys of his house sonically-- to invite others in to listen to the sounds that he experiences often in his favorite habitat.