Thursday, July 02, 2020
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02 July 2020

phonography ::: field recording ::: the art of sound-hunting ::: open your ears and listen
  • #720: 2020.06.28
    it got HOT here this week – it took our minds off pandemics and protests and isolation and made us concentrate on finding some shade and a lake to jump in. the sounds as well seem to have melted somewhat – their edges blurred and they slurred together into a slow moving, cooling mass, hopefully bringing cooler temperatures for your ears. sounds from coventry, uk, where michael lightborne used various mic’ing techniques to record the megastructure of conventry ring road. minimal meditations on passing by canadian composer france jobin. further abstracted soundscapes by chra (christina nemec), urban eden (a collaboration between liz helman and dominic hemy) and simon šerc. more listener-chosen favorites from the aporee soundmaps. and a framework introduction recorded in bytom, poland by tomasz pizio. [...]
  • #719: 2020.06.21 [keith de mendonca]
    this edition of framework:afield, entitled loops, phases, repetitions, has been produced in the uk by regular contributor keith de mendonca. Some of these recordings were made before 2020 and have been used again in this show. Other recordings were made at the start of 2020 around the world in ever decreasing circles as the Corona virus took hold and travel steadily reduced and finally ceased. Many of the recordings made in 2020 are related to the demonstrations and marches that have taken place in London this year. Some recordings have been treated as phased loops to reinforce the repetition of the words or sounds. Other recordings are of machines and circular movements.
  • #718: 2020.06.14
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US! framework radio, amazingly, is now old enough to drink - this sunday, june 14th, we turned 18 years old. we've come a long way since we first walked into resonance fm's london studios on june 14th, 2002, with our co-host joel stern, and a handful of obscure cds. for our 18th birthday show, sounds by saša spačal in collaboration with crickets acheta domesticus; more lockdown sounds, this time from charu mistry and judith hamann; sounds of icebergs by rod stasick; belgian pondlife by peter wullen; the latest electroacousitc work by marco dibeltulu; recent listener-chosen favorites from the aporee soundmaps; and a hygenic framework introduction by richard bentley.
  • #717: 2020.06.07 [margarethe maierhofer-lischka]
    The coronavirus lockdown has changed the sense of space and place for many. Being confined somehwere, we start to listen and perceive differently, questioning ourselves and the space around us. Orientation gets a different meaning when we explore things from the inside out. This edition of framework:afield has been initially produced and presented in the context of the project "Grazer Soundscapes", a community fieldrecording project run by Radio Helsinki in the city of Graz. Revised and reworked for framework, it weaves together fragmented musings about (acoustic-spatial) orientation with recordings from silent cities, quiet homes and other "isolated" spaces. Included are recordings from the Grazer Soundscapes project, soundpieces by Margarethe Maierhofer-Lischka and Lale Rodgarkia-Dara as well as sounds from the aporee soundmap.
  • #716: 2020.05.31
    this became a long, long playlist somewhere along the line, with 17 works by 12 artists - and we even forgot to use the tracks we'd selected from the aporee soundmaps! we began with another quarantine-edition framework introduction, this one recorded in coastal india by an old friend of the program, michael northam. we also took a listen to an album made using the sounds of an antique hearing test (you know the ones - raise your hand when you hear a sound - that kind of thing) by danish artist sandra boss; the most recent release of kristina kubisch's electromagnetics (with voices this time); compositions made with field recordings recorded in chengdu, china my emmanuel mieville; domestic sound sources from poland by a new artist for us, hagith; a few more contributions to the amplify 2020 online festival; and a compilation of field recording-related works curated in the uk by nick luscombe (including our local friend, the great estonian accordion player tuulikki bartosik!). [...]