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26 January 2020

phonography ::: field recording ::: the art of sound-hunting ::: open your ears and listen
  • #697: 2020.01.19
    this edition of framework:afield, entitled women in the field, has been produced in the uk by jilliene sellner. producer's notes: "Women in the Field is a brief exploration of the experience of females who practice field recording. I’m certain there is much more to be said on the subject particularly from those outside of Europe and North America, who do not identify as cis and/or identify as a person of colour and so on than the contents of this episode. This is just a starting point. I am extremely grateful for the contributions from the artists." [...]
  • #696: 2020.01.12
    we're back folks! thank you for bearing with me while i dealt with the passing of my father - it was a difficult and chaotic holiday season, but it's time to get things moving again. this edition is dedicated to his memory, and features an introduction i recorded with him back in 2003, and also a recording of frogs he proudly made himself and set to me about a decade later. he will be greatly, greatly missed. [...]
  • #695: 2019.11.17 [claude schryer]
    this is the final instalment of the simplesoundscapes framework radio afield trilogy, produced in canada by claude schryer, and entitled simplesoundscapes afield 3: soundwalks. for more info visit http://simplesoundscapes.ca. [...]
  • #694: 2019.11.10
    the playlist quickly became long this week, as we explored two great compilations, both available for your perusal on bandcamp. also, yet more work from the prolific framework-favorite manja ristić, a debut release from switzerland's roland bucher, sounds from the aporee maps, and an intro by regular contributor barry cullen. we're already late getting this one out, so we'll leave it there, and let you get to listening. [...]
  • #693: 2019.11.03 [william denton]
    this edition of framework:afield is the second of a two-part piece recorded in france and produced in canada by william denton. part one (edition #691) is available for streaming through all the usual channels. [...]