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It is not easy being green

it's not easy being green - `INEBG`

a score to explore
the nature and practice of cross-platform performance
when using improvisation or free improvisation.

The art forms are music, or sound art + dance or contact improvisation.

Observation skills, `giving witness` and group discussion or integral and central to this piece.

INEBG can be used as stand-alone workshop piece or used as a research tool for a performance company that takes this material into the public domain.


It is best to complete the form below, but there is also email, and feel free to use the mobile and call if you wish.
Phil Morton email philmorton@improvisersnetwork.co.uk, mob 07999518582

Phil Morton - session designer, CV & biography

To be continued
Listening forward.

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  • Comment Link Phil Morton Wednesday, 26 September 2018 08:53 posted by Phil Morton

    There is an ommission to the score, that is the sharing by talking time. At some sessions the talk and sharing might be longer than the activity of the session, or less but substantial. P Morton uses the following quote that arose from another research project into free improvisation ( Centrifuge, developing an aesthetic) and provided by the artist Adam Fairhall `

    To develop a literacy that enables the verbal articulation and sharing of ideas.

    To develop the music; particular sensibilities or values may become more apparent through the combination of playing and discussion. This may help us negotiate improvisations with further sensitivity and awareness, even if a unified Centrifuge (replace Centrifuge with a word/prqctice of your choice) ‘aesthetic’ does not emerge (although this might happen too!).

    The `sharing by talking` comes with baggage, I receive waves of negativity on this approach. I choose not to comment on that at this time. To be continued

  • Comment Link Phil Morton Sunday, 23 September 2018 18:42 posted by Phil Morton

    Some extra thoughts: A bit messy this, the offer uses the term `music` which is a bit problematic as music comes with baggage, peer pressure> In improvised music, the canvas is wide so the phrase music maybe unhelpful. We could use the phrase `sound` oe event sound art but that is messy too, the soundscape is not binary music vs sound art. The strengths of the phrase `sound art` is that it could imply new relations arising from the actions of those present whilst music evokes pre-existing states and memories. However this is just a personal point of view, and should be taken as such.

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