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TUSK FRINGE Artist in Residence, Lee Patterson

Taken from facebook

Visit the calendar listing for, Oct 12 at 4 PM – Oct 14 at 7 PM - for more detail, or follow the facebook link

TOPH are proud to present a program of work with the first TUSK FRINGE Artist in Residence, Lee Patterson. Patterson has a repertoire that spans the depths of the natural world, articulating the music of forgotten species to the visceral beauty found in the most obscene gestures in sound making.
Presenting recordings made with his exceptional home-made hydrophones, burning instruments and inimitable contact mics used in sublimely intense improvisations, Patterson will open his residency with an exclusive solo performance at TOPH. There will be interventions of rarely performed works, a rare duo of Lee Patterson and Adam Bohman at TUSK Festival alongside an exclusive online exhibition with unseen, unheard and unknown materials.

Visit http://theoph.org for more information



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