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Todmorden Murmurists March 16th

Image from facebook event page

A 33 strong Murmurists will premiere Anthony Donovan's new piece, the three part 'Darwin is Jam Tomorrow' for live performers,

film and spoken word. Date-wise, as you can see, this falls somewhere near the Ides of March, and you are invited to come join us as we stare defiantly and collectively into the abyss of Brexit and perform such theatrical conceits as 'Horse by Committee', 'Ceremonial Pulling of Brexit-Face', 'Rudd or Goebbels? A Quiz', and 'Theresa May Dad-Dance of Death', for your End Times pleasure and ours. And we're doing it all to raise money for Spacious Place Foodbank, with a minimum donation of £5. As ever, Murmurists will support itself with a series of small group improvised sets, the line-ups of which will be drawn from a hat.

NOTE: audience strictly limited to 45 persons. Get there early to avoid disappointment!

On this occasion, your Murmurists are:

Gary Appleton: foley
Martin Archer: sax
Rebecca Bogue: dance / vocal
Lawrence Casserley: gongs / vocal / processing
Francis Comyn: percussion
Mali Davies: synth / photography
Annie Dee: foley / photography
Steve Dinsdale: percussion
Anthony Donovan: bass / vocal / film
Andrew Duncan: synth
John Eyles: sax
Mike Fibes: guitar / electronics
Gary Fisher: drum / objects
Chris Hancox: guitar
Christopher Hill: clarinet
John Hyatt: vocal
Keith Jafrate: sax
Noel Kidd: wave-drum
Jon Large: mpc
Philip Lucking: trumpet
Jonny Martin: flugelhorn
Messer: vocal
Simon Partridge: guitar
Mark Peel: percussion
Alastair Price: guitar / vocal
Kris T Reeder: trombone
Sean Reynard: foley
Colin Robinson: sax
Walt Shaw: percussion
Sonic Pleasure (Marie-Angelique Bueler): masonry
Paddy Steer: percussion / electronics
Jan Todd: harp / vocal
Chris Warburton: bass

if some of the event details are missing go to the calendar listing or follow facebook event page link for more information.


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