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The Noise Upstairs Tod - with Ripsaw Catfish 25.06.2019

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Hi all. It's coming back around again, The Noise Upstairs Todmorden - *Solstice* Edition. This month's guests are Ripsaw Catfish, stopping in on their short tour of the North (and London).

Ripsaw Catfish are: Cath Roberts (baritone saxophone) and Anton Hunter (guitar). They have been making improvised music together for several years, and there is nothing to suggest that this won't happen again on the 25th June. Hopefully with you in attendance.


Before and after their set, there will be an open improvisation jam session. All are welcome to come and play; just stick your name in the hat. Bring instruments, laptops, voices, toys, and your good selves as ever.

Please message or post here with any questions or requests.

Access note: This event is up a set of stairs, without lift access, and we're very sorry if that's a barrier for you. If there is anything we can do to help you participate, or if you have any questions regarding accessibility, please get in touch and we'll do all we can to help!

Thanks all x


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