50:50 Online - The Fake Quartet an introduction

50:50 online `The Fake Quartet`
Summary, a short version:

This is a collaborative process for improvisers who are at a distance from each other. The process involves the sharing of sound files via the internet. The content is free improvised music using the music system `System 50:50`. The files are assembled in layers, aka multitrack, in audacity then mixed down to a stereo track.

This is a sound-on-sound process.

The fake-quartet follows a similar pathway to the original `50;50 online` project now called Sound on sound The Octet, except there are only two people, two players, each player produces two tracks resulting in a collation of four tracks. It is a fake-quartet.

Fake Quartet Number 1 - example of method

A 50:50 Online, sound on sound music project for improvisers, using system 50:50

Martin Hackett, Korg
Phil Morton, guitar
Martin Hackett, toot ease
Phil Morton, double bass and can

google drive image 01 275 183 

Fake Quartet. The long version, a detailed review,

For more information and detail click the `google drive` image to view the complete documentation for The Fake Quartet.
The `google drive` document is updated and may include new thinking as a result of the testamony of our experiences.




At the foot of this article there is a link to a pdf version of the google drive document.  The pdf maybe `out of date` but still relevant.

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