50:50 Online - The Ghost Host an introduction

50:50 online `The Ghost Host``
Summary, a short version:

This is a collaborative process for improvisers who are at a distance from each other. The process involves the sharing of sound files via the internet. The content genre is free improvised music using the music system `System 50:50`. The files are assembled in layers, aka multitrack, in Audacity then mixed down to a stereo track.

The Ghost Host follows a similar pathway to the standard `50:50 online` project for the Octet: audio files are produced (using system 5050 and free improv) then shared. In this version there is one special track , the ‘seed’ track produced by a `host`. This seed track is sent to a number of players (in this example four). Each of the four players records a `solo track` whilst playing in duet with the `seed` track shared by the host. Later, the five tracks are then collated together in Audacity creating a quartet (plus the seed track) where four of the tracks relate only to the seed track and not directly to each other. The original seed track is eliminated, The result is a `quartet`. The host is now a ghost.

Plan A for the research phase, is to have five improvisers in the project, one is the host (seed track) plus the four whose material becomes the `track` or outcome.

To be considered. The numbers can vary, quartet, quintet, trio. The clock settings should be considered for each project.

Summary, the long version, a detailed review,

google drive image 01 275 183

For more information and detail click the `google drive` image to view the documentation for The Ghost Host
This document is the source and is updated with the addition of new thinking.





At the foot of this article there is a link to a pdf version of the google drive document.  The pdf maybe `out of date` but still relevant. This is to follow.

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