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Phil Morton : Liverpool: UK July 2019

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You are suggesting a book, artcile, MA thesis etc, for inclusion in the `books` section -click the link to view what is already there


This site is about free ensemble imrpovisation, it's aim is to support free ensemble improvisation by supporting it's practice (events) and research.

What is free ensemble improvisation?

It is speculated an ensemble is: 4 or more people
The starting point is a Blank Canvas, the destination of the music soundworld is not known.
The site adopts the view proposed by T Nunn, free (ensemble) improvisation is not created, it creates itself by the act of listening.

It is different too

Conduction (Butch Morris) / compositions / lo-fi / table-top electronics / experimental music / free (solo) improvisation / alternative folk / maximinimalist / non-linear film / field recording / high life jitter / sound poetry / reductionism / dictaphonics / new music / vocal jaxx / sound art / free jazz / drone / glitch / noise / Cage / Stockhausen / and on and on

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It is speculated that all musical activity at some point has an element of improvisation and the editorial challenge is what do we include and what material do we leave out?
Please submit a book you find important, the site list of books currently includes many books in the `it is not` category
To be continued.

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