System 50:50 Rotation method

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This presentation assumes you have some prior knowledge or experience of using System 50:50

  • System 50:50 starting point
    • The participants all have a system 50:50 clock of their own
    • The settings are the same on all clocks
    • System 50:50 started out with the tacet to free play ratio being 1:1 That a ten minute piece would have two displays, Tacet 5 minutes, Free Play 5 minutes
  • Change, exploring and research
    • The research explored using different ratios, using the ten minute example we now had Tacet 7 minutes, Free Play 3 minutes
  • The Rotation Method
    • Example, A quintet plays five pieces, each piece is 6 pieces in duration.
    • Each player has a clock, but with the rotation method each clock is different., here are five examples
      • Clock 1 Tacet 5 min - Free play 1 minute
      • Clock 2 Tacet 4 min - Free play 2 minute
      • Clock 3 Tacet 3 min - Free play 3 minute
      • Clock 4 Tacet 2 min - Free play 4 minute
      • Clock 5 Tacet 1 min - Free play 5 minute
    • After each piece, or section of a suite of pieces, the participants rotate and exchange a clock.
      • Each player experiences all of the settings
      • The `suite` five pieces can be presented as one performance.
  • Rotation Method
    • If the number of player, 8 for example, is greater than the number of pieces in the sequence, 4 for example, the consequences maybe
      • Some clocks may have the same setting.
      • A participant may not experience every clock setting being deployed.
      • A random element may come into play.
  • end

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  • This method is affected by the `three consideration`
    • Number of players
    • Ratio of `freeplay` to `tacet` time on the chess clock faces.
    • Duration of the piece
  • end

Phil Morton: Liverpool:UK Feb 2020

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