System 50: 50 Selecting a clock device

Image: oxford Improvisers Image: oxford Improvisers

The `Chess Clock` is the tool used to manage time freeplaying and time in tacet mode during free improvisation using System 50:50 
There are three options


  1. The mechanical chess clock with two digital-clock displays
  2. An `app` a digital chess clock app on a device such as a tablet, phone.
  3. A chess clock, operated within a webpage displayed on a digital device; laptop, pc, tablet, phone

Mechancial Chess clock, suggested brand & model

Brand name: Leap
Model: PQ99075
Ebay search script: Chess clock leap PQ99075
Price: between £12-£16.00

Comments : This is the object of choice for this project and ensembles. During the research phase, the preferred option is that participants use the same device.
A demonstration of a modified `chess clock` used in system 50:50.

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Digital Chess Clock displayed by an `app` on a digital device

kazalox chessclock 01

An example
Brand: Zazalox
Source: Google play
Fee: Free but may have upgrade charges
Comments : The mechanical system is the default system despite its extra cost. However is certain situations the digital app maybe all that is available. Some improvisers may prefer this app too. The Zazalox is an example, it is suggested you explore google play (and other sources) to find an app that suits you

App that allows you to programme the settings: tacet & freeplay

Another app is : agadmator chess clock: for android used by HG, Russ Grant reports it allows you to add your own customised settings for freeplay and tacet.

Web link

on-line chess clock

two examples, suggested by Martin Hackett & Clayton Jackson


Comments: you need an internet connection.

internet clock skakur site


internet clock stopwatch labels


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