Preparation files for 50:50 online projects

Test files support a 50:50 project process but are intended for inclusion in the final stages.

Test files are used for.

  1. PreparationPractice
  2. Sound checking
  3. Checking the recording device
  4. Checking your set up, if everything switched on? do the cales work? are the clocks working? and so on
  5. There is the concept of `first heard` if this is to remain autentic and have integrity it is dissapointing if when you engage in recording in the `first heard mode` you discover faults in your set up. Test tracks reduce the risk of this happening.


  • Test tracks are .wav files
  • The naming of Test Tracks will follow a universal protocol - yet to be finalised! Here is an attempt
    • [Test ]_Initials+number
      • Example: Test_PMOR12.wav
    • To be decided, information on the following is required, Duration, Tacet settings, Freeplay settings, are these settings in the file name? Phil Morton suggests not, the settings for PMOR12 can be displayed in a file that participants can access and view. The location of this file is under review and to be decided.
  • Default settings for a test track.
    • Duration 6 minutes
    • Tacet 1 minute 30 seconds
    • Freeplay 4 minutes 30 seconds
  • The default settings are to be used when providing a test track unless different settings are specifically requested. This is under constant review.

The target, the number of test tracks is?

  • More than ten?
  • To aim for 2 test tracks from as many names as possible. It is noted that this aspect of 50:50 Online may not be welcomed by all participants, that is improvising a six minute piece, using system 50:50 clocks as a soloist.



An introduction.


  Music-minus-one tracks are files that can…