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Blank Canvas Demo YouTube Live stream in search of proof of method

The aim is to show evidence of a  proof of method: that is to live stream from zoom.us to YouTube using a method that is user friendly

What have we gained

The Blank Canvas Octet has live streamed before: what is different now


  • previously `the work` was done manually, live, in real time, in the following apps: zoom, Joomla website & Youtube. One of which can fail
  • The process is now booked in advance: in the following apps - zoom, Joomla Website & YouTube.
  • Going live is now 2 clicks. In under a minute
  • There is and will always be latency.

Social Share

  • Social share of the YouTube web page takes under 30 seconds per account.
  • 4 people could hit (live) 16 social accounts in under 2 minutes
  • Social media accounts means
    • Facebook, twitter,
    • Facebook accounts might be closed groups.
  • Settings can be private or public
  • The website has registered members - the broadcast could be restricted to those members.

2nd November

This live feed starts at 19.45 on 02 11 2022, the video may auto-start or you may have to press play.


26th October

26 10 2022 at 19.40.

Notes - The first 2 minutes suffers from poor audio from Phil Morton, this is due to

  • Poor equipment
  • His PC  - Online browser cache was at 1 GB when it should be 100mb
  • PM local site Broadband issue/bandwidth issues - his system cannot handle the payload.



  • We need an image that displays before the live feed starts
  • Host speaker needs a script, which maybe just bullet points and time constriction
  • ? can we have an exit image? featuring
    • how to join
    • how to contact
    • more info about system 50:50 for improvisers.
  • Using eventbrite to publicise and issue tickets
  • What happens after the live feed
    • The youtube video dissappears: it is only displayed when live
    • The Youtube video displays for a fixed time, e.g. 24 hours
    • The Youtube video is archived - and available to the public
      • suject to raioning, we do not need to share every session, even if `good`.
  • Can this exercise support recruitment and development.


  • Public - open access, standard consumption relationship
  • Private
    • Ticket holders only
    • Closed facebook groups
    • Registered members of the website .
  • types of conumption
    • startdard
    • education & information
    • debate (needs zoom webinar account ....methinks...out of our budget...


Once we have proof of method Phil Morton suggests a fixed schedule for live streaming, e.g. Once per month.

Options may include

  • general public broadcast
  • private
    • facebook closed group accounts
    • registered members of the website
    • eventbrite ticket holders
  • Purpose: options
    • It is a gig
    • it is a discussion
    • it is recruitment




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