Saturday, July 31, 2021
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Open Call : The Listening Room invites for a small acts for the series of free improvisation Concerts Spring 2021

The Listening room presents two Trios a `live stream` on YouTube usually on a Friday, frequency every two weeks
This is an open call for an act - preferably a trio or duo or even solo - to contribute and collaborate,

A series of improvisations by two (small) ensembles and a collaborattion.
Presented by the `Listening room` and hosted by the web application zoom and broadcast to the public via YouTube.

The players (the house band)

NICK BRANTON, reeds, MARTIN HACKETT, korg ms, PHIL MORTON, accidents and treatments (biography-cv)
This trio have met on a weekly schedule via the web application zoom during the COVID-19 lockdown. On this occasion the meeting is to be shared with another duo / trio and broadcast to the public via YouTube Live and presented as a concert..

The trio often apply fixed time constraints or duration to what is called free improvised music that normally has no fixed length. So it is with this concert presentation.


The dates - Spring into summer 2021

the schedule is every two week

  • 14.05.2021 - Trio Performance + Guest to be confirmed
  • 28.05.2021 - Trio Performance + Guest to be confirmed
  • 11.06.2021 - Trio Performance + Guest to be confirmed
  • 25.06.2021 - Trio Performance + Guest to be confirmed
  • 09.07.2021 - Trio Performance + Guest to be confirmed
  • 23.07.2021 - Trio Performance + Guest to be confirmed
  • 30.07.2021 - Trio Performance + Guest to be confirmed
  • 06.08.2021 - Trio Performance + Guest to be confirmed
  • 20.08.2021 - Trio Performance + Guest to be confirmed

The set List

The show will feature three sets.

One Piece, Free improvised music, by the house band and trio

PHIL MORTON, accidents and treatments (biography-cv)
Duration 15-20 minutes

Second Piece, Free improvised music, by the invited guests, a duo, trio or solo
Duration 15-20 minutes

Piece 3, all players perform together, free improvised music or a format as agreed.
Duration 10-20 minutes
Of peripheral interest is: The Listening Room: read more

The time of day

The default time is 14.30 BST/GMT . The time can be changed by mutual consent of the individuals involved. Improvisers in different time zones, please feel free to ask for the time and date to be changed.

What you need, the specifications

  • An act of three players or less
  • The players will play: free improvisation in music.
  • All of the players need to have some experience in using zoom.
    • support can be provided if there is no experience of using zoom
  • An internet connection.
  • An external microphone. applicants who only have access to `internal microphones` in a digital device will not be accepted.
  • A digital device that can connet to the internet that has the web app `zoom,us` installed.
  • The `sets` are of a fixed duration, so the players need access to a clock.


You act and players will have experience of playing free improvised music on a regular basis, in the public domain (concerts)
You and your act will have been invited to play at an event not hosted and promoted by yourself.
If this criteria does not fit your profile, i=okay, still aplly but we need to talk about it.

The open call is for a second duo/trio or solo to join the `house band` for this broadcast.

Please complete this form:
Date and time maybe subject to changed to accommodate the diary commitments of the individual participants.
Please make sure you have read the tab labelled ` Criteria, what we are listening for`

Name of proposer:*
Please confirm the name of the event or project, you have viewed on the website that interests you*
Name of the act or group:*
Dates and times, use this space:*

The following sections of this form allow you to upload files.
The information and images you supply are for marketing purposes when and where appropriate.
In some instances the marketing is substantial,
Please take this seriously
You can only use the following file types. jpg, jpeg, png, gif, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, txt, odt

Please upload a document about the act, which may also be used in the marketing process. :
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