Friday, May 14, 2021
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Open Merseyside - Spaces and places to play free improvisation

An example of a venue in the public domain An example of a venue in the public domain

Spaces and places for free improvisation in Merseyside

This is a starting point to collate and create a list a open spaces that can be used for free improvisation on Merseyside.
This is about open spaces, not enclosed space within a building.
The location maybe in the public domain, private land or unclassified.

This topic has emerged during the COVID-19 pandemic as it other a solution to the restrictions of COVID-19, laws and local bye laws COVID-19 generates..
The example shown above is in Liverpool post code L8 and is currently used by two music improvisers on a weekly basis.

Here we are just taking a fresh look at open spaces as a venue, there is no rush to bury this line on enquirey with terminology or jargon such as; site specific or immersive.
We can just take a free look at outdoor venues and play.
From a utilitarian perspective, outdoor open spaces maybe free of charge at the point of use and formal administrative processes maybe reduced.


  • If we link this discussion about venues in open spaces to the other COVID-19 response, specifically the use of the  web application for online-telematic performances the opportunities for free improvisers to collaborate increase.  For both of these options -open spaces and zoom - finance is not an obstacle.
  • There is a conversation to be had for the provision of weekly session for people interested in free improvisation. The avialability  of venues or lack of them is an obstacle to the delivery of weekly sessions, however wekly session may become viable if we take advantage of the different types of veneus; conventional rehearsal rooms, outdoor locations and online zoom events.

First draft.
Phil Morton::Liverpool::October 2020

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