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The Improvisers' Networks Wales,

You are cordially invited to join the new one stop shop for all musicians, improvisers, composers and audience members who are excited by the creative and alternative arts and the process of free improvisation, it is the Free Improvisers' network/wales. 

Why? The brain child of Emma Louis ( Blipfonica | North Wales ) and Phil Morton ( Frakture | Liverpool ) the Improvisers' Network/Wales has been developed through an identified need to;

  • Put creative people in touch with each other.
  • To introduce the practices of free improvisation to musicians who may have never worked in this way before.
  • To provide a portal, to the world of free improvisation.
  • To develop an archive.
  • To host, support the discussion that free improvisation in the performing arts generates.
  • To host a glossary of terms and concepts used by the genre.


  • Are you a musician who wants to develop skills in free improvisation
  • Do you practice free improvisation, would you like to have contact with like minded artists
  • Are you a contemporary composer looking for experimental musicians to realise your work?
  • Do you wish to contact "like minded people" in your area ? in Wales?

If you answered yes

  • to any of those questions then this is the networking service for you, however, it will only work if you are signed up for it.

How do I join I hear you ask ?

Emma and Phil look forward to hearing from you.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

improvisers network/wales would like to thank and acknowledge the following ,Arts Council Wales for funding to help set up improvisersnetwork/wales, Frakture.org legacy for web hosting. The voluntary input of artists and administrators involved.

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