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Sheffield: Arch Alcohol of Song: New Duos ft Shakeeb Abu Hamdan & Luke Poot 08.12.2019

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The former is an artist and musician living in Beirut, Lebanon. He uses drums, collected metals, bells and cymbals which he augments and amplifies with surface transducers, microphones, pitch and modulation effects, cheap looping megaphones and other lo-tech electronics. The latter is a Sheffield resident who has founded bands such as The Hunter Gracchus and Roman Nose (both heard at festivals such as Tusk, Colour Out of Space, Supernormal etc) and also co-runs/ran the label Singing Knives.

The former is a Sheffield-based, Hull-born, sound poet and improviser fresh from orchestrating costume changes and cameos at last month's Tusk festival whose notable regular collaborators include Phil Minton and Dylan Nyoukis. The latter, also Sheffield-based, is an artist/maker whose most recent album was made from recordings from a balcony in Nablus, Palestine, and from feedback experiments with contact microphones, vibration speaker, speaker cone, metal objects, solenoid, oscillator, radio tuner, and Dead Sea salt crystal.

Doors 2pm. Finished by 5pm.


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