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Sounds and silence network wales blog April 2021

Chris Parfitt writes,


Since February it’s been a time to consolidate my playing. I have been paying more attention to tones and timbres that I hear from other players and make myself. Trying to find a deeper listening level. And with that I hope for a more genuine way of playing and responding. It also has opened some new avenues for exploration with voice and instrument. Never a bad thing. This has also spilled over to IE (Improvisers Ensemble) where we have been studying minimal sound intervention and immersion into the sonic world we are creating. Words and deconstruction of them and in the past few weeks Stockhausen’ Intensity.’ It has been surprising how immersed I can become on zoom, given that effectively we are 6-8 players all alone but hearing together. Silence is a false concept but silence on zoom has another level to it with bugs, hisses, and glitches, not forgetting my tinnitus! The emersion theme really grew out of the one day online retreat the IE set up. This worked well and from 9.30 to 5.00 the group explored breathing, movement and sounds, thanks in particular to Fara Afifi, Maggie Nicols, Garfield Southall and Samra Mayanja who led sessions.

We will do another.

Chris Parfitt: Bridgend Wales

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