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North Wales Children of the Trees - A summertime experimental arts event 07.07.2019

IKAROS present/yn cyflwyno, Children of the Trees, A summertime experimental arts event

including/gan gynnwys

Voice and Movement Workshop
Gweithdy Llais a Symudiad
2-5pm/£5- IKAROS Art Space - Pandy Tudur

Candlelit performance of Contemporary Dance and Music
Perfformiad yng ngolau canhwyllau Ddawns Gyfoes a Cherddoriaeth
7pm/£5 - The Gwenfrewi Project - Gwytherin

With/Gyda Performers
Guillermo Louis Horta Betancourt
Andrew Leslie Hooker
Melissa Pasut
Rachel Sweeney

All ages welcome to participate and attend the performance. Children must be accompanied by adults during the workshop and parents are encouraged to take part.

Addresses to locations
IKAROS Art Space - Nannerth, Pandy Tudur, LL22 8UN

The Gwenfrewi Project - Former St Winifred's Church, Gwytherin LL22 8UU
Parking Map located in the discussions section of the event.

Guillermo is a contemporary vocalist, choreographer, theatre director and artist, whose work VABAS (Voice Awakens Body Awareness Synchronization) is the result of over thirty years of research in the health and expressive capacities of the voice and body through explorations in vocal, dance, performance and theatrical training. (www.vabas.online). He will be delivering the voice and movement workshop for this event.

Andrew is a filmmaker and composer of electroacoustic music currently living, studying and working in North Wales. He has exhibited his paintings, photographic works and experimental films in galleries throughout Europe and the United States and was included (as filmmaker) in the 49th Venice Biennale, contemporary music festival. At the present time, he is studying for a PhD in electroacoustic composition at Huddersfield University under Professor Monty Adkins as well as working on several film, dance and composition projects. He is co-Artistic Director of the North Wales based experimental dance company Anoikis.

Melissa is a contemporary dancer who is dedicated to choreographic research and performing new works that constantly seek to confuse the traditional boundaries that exist between dance and other art practices. She is currently researching the avant-garde Japanese dance form of Butoh through ballet and contemporary practice. She is co-Artistic Director of the North Wales based experimental dance company Anoikis.

Rachel is a practicing movement artist with a background in classical singing and a movement practice informed by Butoh and its sister form, Body Weather, as well as a longstanding vocal improvisation practice. She was co-Artistic Director of Orr and Sweeney a US/AUS site based Body Weather collective is and a founder member of experimental theatre company Irreverent Sideshows. Her recent collaborative projects include dancing with ANOIKIS experimental dance and electro acoustic company, and a touring solo work ‘Multiplicitous States’, a dance and digital performance exploring crossovers between Butoh and glitch in movement, live digital art and sound.



Neither the artists,the venue, the event host or promoter posted the event details to this feature. Please check that the details listed are true (eg venue, date and start time) before traveling to the event. To verify the information presented visit the host website or the event facebook page.

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