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The first alternative music gig to be staged in…
The 2019 Grand Gathering will take place from Monday 2nd…
i:GO - Wales, the Improvisers guitar orchestra Wales project
NAWR (meaning NOW in Welsh) is a new multidisciplinary concert…
The Gathering is a floating population of improvisers in various…
IE is an improvising ensemble based in West Wales.
  Jigsaw  is an open & public workshop/performance session exploring…
The Tŷ Sain Octet Poject-North Wales
  The concert series Tŷ Sain is being proposed
The Radnorshire Improvisers'  was born from an idea of Camilla…
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Gwrth​-​gitâr Simon Proffit & Ash Cooke

Andrew Leslie Hooker

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    Hi , Here’s the two tracks performed for World Listening Day played by Tom Jackson, Steve Moyes and Dafydd. Bandcamp Enjoy!    

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