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Norway: All Ears Festival 20-22.05.2022

allEars is an annual festival for improvised music,


held in Oslo, Norway. The goal is to present improvised music and related art forms in all its diversity. allEars is a non-profit festival by music enthusiasts for music enthusiasts.

We are constantly on the lookout for new acts from all over the world, with the program being curated by the festival. We know your music is great, that you work hard, and that you deserve more gigs than you get, but please note that the festival does not take booking requests.

The festival was started in 2002. There has been many changes throughout the years. We recognize the work done by our predecessors, but we also acknowledge the changes in our time, and are working towards making allEars a festival which adapts to new challenges without making artistic compromises.

[editors note: This Festival usually happens in january - confirmation required]

We stress the fact that we do not accept booking requests.

2022 line up

Deathprod (NO)
Daniel Blumberg (UK)
Marisa Anderson and Jim White (US/AUS)
Kali Malone presents ‘Does Spring Hide It’s Joy’ featuring Lucy Railton and Stephen O’Malley (US/UK)
Kjetil Møster / Jørgen Træen / Hans Hulbækmo (NO)
crys cole (CA)
Kristin Andersen Høvin (NO)
Niklas Adam and Jenny Berger Myhre (DK/NO)
Sanskriti Shrestha & Andreas Wildhagen (NO)
The Touchables møter Dei Kjenslevare (NO)
Jim White solo (AUS)

2022 info

20-22 May2022

For the past 20 years All Ears festival for improvised music has presented the most cutting edge avant garde music within the international scene for improvised music. By curating a diverse program, with an array of improvised music, the festival wishes to gather music lovers both used and new to the genre, inviting to a festival dedicated to the art of being present in the now.

All Ears festival for improvised music has a tradition of being curated by touring musicians and is therefore known to know the pulse of the international scene. The current curators of the festival are Anja Lauvdal, Christian Winther & Natali Abrahamsen Garner.

In 2022 the festival will be presented at the brand new Munch museum, the music formed in the museum’s dedicated concert halls.


Venue / Directions

The festival will take place at the new Munch-museum in Bjørvika, in the city centre of Oslo. All public transportation to Oslo Central Station, and walk 4-5 minutes towards the fjord. You can't miss it!


If you wish to volunteer at the festival, please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Festival background

All Ears was started in 2002 by the musicians Maja Ratkje, Lasse Marhaug and Paal Nilssen-Love, with the aim of promoting improvised music, which then had no established major stages in Oslo or Europe in general. With their broad international network, they quickly established the festival, which became the largest of its kind in Europe, being listed by the Guardian as one of ten festivals to check out. The festival has since its beginning provided fertile ground for new and pioneering forms of improvised music. The festival's international program has always consisted of some of the most important musicians of improvised and avant-garde music. In this way, the festival has, for two decades, been a defining force and cornerstone in the development of Oslo's unique improvisation scene.

All Ears has been held in various cultural venues in Oslo, including Fabrikken, Henie Onstad Art Center, Astrup Fearnley Museum, Vulkan Arena, National Jazz Scene, with international stars on the program such as. Pika, Thurston Moore, Otomo Yoshihide, Mats Gustafsson, and big Norwegian names like Supersilent, Stian Westerhus and Frode Gjerstad.

All Ears has always been run exclusively by some of the most active musicians in the field, with great international activity and contact networks. This has been one of the reasons why the festival has become such an important meeting point for musicians and music enthusiasts from all over Europe.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The festival is a curated festival, and does not take booking requests unfortunately!


If you have questions, comments or other enquiries, please send a mail to the following:




Neither the artists,the venue, the event host or promoter posted the event details to this feature. Please check that the details listed are true (eg venue, date and start time) before traveling to the event.

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