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50-50 live online its Grŵp Cynfas Gwag May 2022

 50:50 Online & Improvisers North Wales project present Grŵp Cynfas Gwag Live on Zoom


50:50 online is a `telematic` project, that is it is a live streamed event via the internet. The current platform is zoom.us.
The ensemble employs system 50:50 to deliver music that is related to the genre:  `free improvisation in music `

The schedule for events is every two weeks, the times are: `Doors open` at 19.00  session starts when we are ready
and here are the dates.

  • 09.05.2022 at 19.00 - UTC +1
  • 23.05.2022 at 19.00 - UTC +1

The regular sessions are for participants and project associates and three audicence members.
This project is rewarding and a success. It allow improvisers from around the country to meet. play together on a weekly basis.
Feel the potential!

The Blank Canvas Octet is a project exploring free improvisation in music in a large ensemble context. It uses the ‘system 50:50` - where chess clocks are used to bring cohesion to the sound field which can often become cluttered. The result is a dynamic and shifting canvas of sound that allows small discreet sounds to be heard and deeper layers to be felt and expressed. An exciting project to participate in, to witness and to hear.

Charlie Collins, improviser, Sheffield wrote on system 50:50 “Definitely something with LOADS of possibilities - the reaction in the car driving back was unbelievably positive - no one could remember playing in a large ensemble that was so "open". The openness allowed me to play quietly, which meant the dynamics were incredible for an improvising large ensemble.” -

Another point of listening comes from Simon Ross, Macclesfield. `System 50/50 works well - it’s a really good way to get a group to play effectively without egos, virtuosity, and shyness getting in the way. It is democratic, inclusive, coherent, leaderless, focused, there is room to think and time to listen, choices. It is less competitive and more cooperative. Ends well.`

The Blank Canvas Octet during May 2022 will feature the following, more or less:

GARFIELD SOUTHALL, guitar, Chester
PHIL MORTON, accidents and treatments, Liverpool :
RUSS GRANT, guitar, Llanrwst

Free tickets and information for audience members

Interested in just listening in, being a member of an audience?
let us know by sending an email to: philmorton at improvisersnetwork.co.uk

Information: how an improviser, musician can participate as a `Ghost`

The short story is.
If `free improvisation` is new to you or you may wish to engage discreetly with the Blank Canvas Octet you can be a `ghost`
A ghost participates in the session discreetly by muting their input to the session.
A ghost can interact with the live feed from the Blank Canvas Octet in their own space but not fill the sound field of the zoom performance.

Phil Morton writes, this an excellent opportunity yet to be tested for musicians who wish to explore improvisation whose histories and experience of free improvisation is thin, who are yet to acquire a composure in a free improvisation sound world environment. It can be experienced as a development process that can be added to or replace the practice of attending workshops. It is available weekly. The player can learn by `doing` . The availability of attendance is regular, frequent, it is weekly.

Alternatively: if the session is `full` an improvisers may attend: as a `ghost` or audience member as an alternative to the dissapointment of not attending.
System 50:50 is a simple process but sometimes simplicity maybe a challenge. Ghosting introduces all improvisers to system 50;50 in a safe environment. You can test and try system 50:50.

Event information for active participants:

Every two weeks for the forseeable future.

"Doors" 19.00 BST
Sound check begins 19.10
Concert starts when we are ready duration 40 minutes maximum

An online participatory event hosted by the web application ZOOM,us

Interested? Register here

Further Information for participating improvisers.

if you are interested in this project as a participant let us know by completing the form below and we will be in touch

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Here is a video of another ensemble Blank Canvas octet , to show the direction of travel in sound and performance
The nature and practice of free improvisation using System
Duration 6 minutes
Tacet 3 minutes
Free play 3 minutes
12 players

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