Online: Oxford Improvisers plus guest John Russell 03.08.2020

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“Traces Across Folds”

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Oxford Improvisers are honoured to be joined live by one and only John Russell for a special online concert.

Guitarist John Russell has become an absolutely central figure in British free improvisation as a tirelessly creative performer and producer since the early 70’s, not least through Mopomoso, a London music club dedicated to free improvisation since the mid 80’s.

Oxford Improvisers last welcomed John in 2013 on Mopomoso’s UK tour and we’re delighted to welcome him back to this online performance.
The evening will also feature Bruno Guastalla’s “Traces Across Folds” for improvising musicians, as well as a piece by Clare Woodham.

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Monday 03 August, 2020 8.30pm BST


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