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Liverpool: The Art Of Emotions 31.08.2019

An opportunity for you to have access to a unique therapeutic art experience.


If used effectively, our emotions serve us well. Many of us were never taught how to work with them effectively. Instead we may have been encouraged to bury them or dismiss them. In this workshop you can explore some of the simple yet powerful, creative methods from The Art Clinic Liverpool's Art of Emotions online Programme. The group workshop will take place on the ground floor of the library within a private computer room. We will explore a variety of Emotional Empowerment themes through; Discussion, watching extracts from Drama Therapy workshops and trying out creative activities. Some of the activities are in the form of creative writing and drawing. No specific skills are needed. All materials will be provided, however please bring your own headphones if you have them. The insightful activities you will learn will help you to explore and process your emotions in future. Follwing this session you will have the option of recieving, via email, personalised responses to any activities that you submit during the workshop. Participant Feedback from our last workshop“I enjoyed it, it was a different way to release my feelings”“ I personally found it cathartic and uplifting” “The activities are quick, easy and effective with immediate impact” “I found the exercises very good and beneficial and I will definitely use them at home”“I would recommend this to anyone struggling with emotions and needing clarity”“Great range of exercises” “It’s shown me what I can do now and in the future”

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