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Liverpool Juxtavoices and the poets Alan Halsey and Geraldine Monk 09.11.2019

Founder-members of Juxtavoices the poets Alan Halsey and Geraldine Monk have composed many pieces for its repertoire, some for specific events such as the bicentenary of the Peterloo Massacre or sites such as Sheffield’s Bishops’ House and Manor Lodge.

They have been publishing and performing poetry in the UK and USA since the late 1970s, often collaborating in cross-genre work with other poets, sound poets, musicians and visual artists. Their books include Interregnum, Noctivagations, Escafeld Hangings and They Who Saw the Deep (Monk); and The Text of Shelley’s Death, Marginalien, Not Everything Remotely and Selected Poems 1988-2016 (Halsey). They are Affiliated Poets at Sheffield University’s Centre for Poetry & Poetics.

Hear, see, Alan Halsey and Geraldine Monk at the interaction festival, The Capstone, Hope University Liverpool
with the Juxtavoices Anti-choir
Saturday 9th November 7.30 pm

Juxtavoices is an ‘anti-choir’ of about twenty-five voices whose repertoire includes members' own compositions and arrangements of modernist poems and found texts. The scores provide a structure, but elements of improvisation shape the details so that no two performances will ever be the same. Poetry is sound allied to meaning, and a multi-voice ensemble offers a fascinating way to hear this. Directed by Martin Archer and Alan Halsey, Juxtavoices uniquely combines the outer reaches of improvised music and innovative poetry.

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