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Manchester - Noise Upstairs, an acoustic quartet 09/05/2019

Aby Vulliamy (viola) Aby Vulliamy (viola)

Our special guest this month is an acoustic quartet of...

Aby Vulliamy (viola)
Anton Hunter (acoustic guitar and mandolin)
Gemma Bass (violin)
Johnny Hunter (drums)

Brought together by Johnny, these are some of our finest musicians in the North. All from varying backgrounds, including Classical, Folk, Jazz, and Rock, they meet in the middle with their shared love of improvised music. This group will be exploring fragility, delicacy and restrained intensities with Free Improv pieces based on title suggestions pulled out of a hat, in keeping with the theme of the night.

“Johnny is the most talented, better looking, and intelligent of the two brothers” – Mummy Hunter

Before and after their set will be plenty of chance for YOU to play. Stick your name in our hat and let the good times roll.

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