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Preston:Four Stories & Pendulum Sound Performance 28/04/2019

Preston:Four Stories & Pendulum Sound Performance

28th April 2019 1 – 1.30pm

Composed by Joshua Horsley & Jon Aveyard

Rebekah Okpoti - Violin, 3rd floor
Jon Aveyard - Violin, 2nd floor
Caitlin Birkett - Glockenspiel, 2nd floor
Madeline Rolinson-Lord, Viola, 1st floor
Luke French - Xylophone, 1st floor
Joshua Horsley - Cello, Ground floor

Composers and Sound Artists Joshua Horsley and Jon Aveyard present a new, site-specific music composition and performance through the 4 storeys of the Harris Museum, Art Gallery & Library in Preston. The composition is performed by a string quartet, distributed across each of the building’s 4 floors and explores the architectural and acoustic properties of the Harris, immersing the audience in a uniquely vertical and reverberant sound-world.
The audience is invited to explore multiple floors during the performance, guiding their own listening experience from various positions within the unique architectural acoustics of the Harris

Pendulum Music
2 – 2.30pm
Sound performance recreated by Rob Mullender

Pendulum Music is a performance conceived by Steve Reich in 1968, which has become a Sound Art classic. The premise is very simple: four or more microphones are released to swing on their cables over the top of speakers, producing pulsing notes of feedback as they pass. The different timing of each ‘pendulum’, along with the different note created by the feedback produces a continuingly shifting of phases and rhythms, only finishing when the microphones have come to rest, resulting in steady tones. As with many works of this kind, the piece exists as a set of instructions rather than a musical score, and sounds different each time it is performed according to variations inequipment and the acoustics of the space it is performed in.

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The Harris Museum,Art Gallery & Library Atrium and Cafe

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