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Governance of the site, content and development

The launch and development of this site is a five year project, started in 2014 due to complete its launch phase 01.01.2020.
The development of the site the project, stage two is 2020 - 2025, yes it is the return of the 5 year plan!

At some point as the site expands and develops the issue of governance will arise to address issues and questions that arise.
Here is the Wikipedia web page on project governance 

Policies and processes that may need to be `governed` or managed by an independent team

  • Finance
  • Content
    • Aesthetic judgements, what constitutes `free improvisation`
    • Disputes that may arise
  • Priorities, an independent view or judgement on priorities
  • To support those active in the day-to-day operation on the site, the project.
  • Reviewing obstacles the project encounters

Personal specifications

  • Two meetings a year, that may require
    • Up to two hours preparation
    • The duration of the meeting
    • Some work in signing off the outcome of the meeting
  • The language of the project is English.
  • Any other business

Technical specification

  • This is a `digital online` project, you need to be online and have basic competencies with the `online-world`
  • More citation required.

Style of management

  • Sociocracy; is one option,
    • Sociocracy, also known as dynamic governance, is a system of governance which seeks to achieve solutions that create harmonious social environments as well as productive organizations and businesses. It is distinguished by the use of consent rather than majority voting in decision-making, and decision-making after discussion by people who know each other.
    • Sociocracy can be helpful because it has a formal written structure to a process sometimes characterised a collective, cooperative or a community. The later can often (not always) be informal and unstructured.
    • Sociocracy is a place to start.  It is noted that this appears to be a small project, with low levels of interest in the general population. This concept maybe disproportionate to the volume of work in involved.

Reminder this is a global project: from Wales to New South Wales, it is a digital project, it follows that interest is invited from all locations on planet earth.

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