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This meeting was previously scheduled for 26 09 2022
Editorial meeting  to promote ensemble performances driven by free ensemble improvisation in Wales

Online workshop exploring the nature and practice of free ensemble improvisation
[ editor's note - this article is bit of a road crash as it has been uploaded in a rush...cohesion will follow shortly ]

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Dukes of Scuba & South Wales Improvisors - FINAL CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS

Re-launch. It is free ensemble improvisations in a room not on zoom!

The Gathering is a floating population of improvisers in various media but mostly music which is spontaneously created in the moment.

An open free event for people who are interested in collaborative improvised music.

Towards a marketing policy and team that promotes free ensemble improvisation in Wales

Organisation: Improvisers North Wales an organisation that supports free ensemble improvisation.

Retreat:Wales 2022! Aims to take you to a peaceful place in Wales, rural and remote, where in solitude or in the presence of a community, artists can refresh and renew their engagement with the nature and practice of free ensemble improvisation in music and thought

Ikaros Studio Conwy North Wales
Address: Nanerth, Pandy Tudor, Abergele LL22 8UN

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