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At a time of unprecedented interest in improvisation across the arts,

Towards a marketing policy and team that promotes free ensemble improvisation in Wales

Founded in 2000, Irtijal is currently the oldest music festival of Beirut city. Its wide musical range includes experimental music, free jazz, free improvisation, contemporary music, noise and free rock as well as other forms of innovative music-making.

filmed and recorded at Zavod Sploh, Ljubljana
by Tomaz Grom, March 2017

- headphones recommended! -

Organisation: Improvisers North Wales an organisation that supports free ensemble improvisation.

Retreat:Wales 2022! Aims to take you to a peaceful place in Wales, rural and remote, where in solitude or in the presence of a community, artists can refresh and renew their engagement with the nature and practice of free ensemble improvisation in music and thought

Towards regional structures that support free ensemble improvisation in music in Merseyside

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