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Here is the google slide presention, as hosted by `google` drive account. The extra bonus package here is, you do not have to listen to Phil Morton talking.

Dan Goren, improviser and member of Oxford Improvisers.

Here is the text

System 50:50 The three considerations and the density index

A video playlist on the topic of different settings, ratios used in System 50:50.

 Richard Harding, Liverpool 2018, in a session using System 50:50, in a trio context


`Sometimes in free improv it is just not working but we carry on in the hope it will get better, in system 50:50 if it (free improv) is not working one can select tacet and stop playing`

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Changing the time settings for the `chess clocks` a demonstration

The `Chess Clock` is the tool used to manage time freeplaying and time in tacet mode during free improvisation using System 50:50 
There are three options

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