Dartmoor Groundwork August 22-26 2019

In Groundwork we invite on a journey of movement migrations and meanderings through natural landscapes that will bring us into contact with the ground, the landscape and each other.

As though born again we will return to our primary senses to explore through movement, touch and play, our evolutionary growth from basic organisms, to animals and humans. This is a journey of discovery to find more sensual, receptive ways of being in the world and more efficient ways of moving through it.

We will begin in water where we will investigate what it means to yield and be held. As we then resurface on land, we will investigate the increasing strength and mobility along our spinal axis and the organisation of our limbs to gracefully transition in and out of the ground. Rising up to vertical dimensions we will explore crawling, climbing and running as a pack, sensing the mechanics and rhythm of each movement. In this process we will further engage our vision and look up and around at how it feels to meet, discover our desires and interact with other beings from a place of earthbound sensuality.

Cost: Includes 4 days movement teaching, 1 pool session, bunkhouse accommodation, delicious organic homemade food
£280 Early Bird until July 22nd 2019/ Concessions
£320 Full Price
£170 without food & accommodation

About Rosalind & Matt...

Rosalind is a Dance Artist and Somatic Movement Teacher based in Snowdonia & working internationally. She creates performances and installations inspired by her work with Contact Improvisation, Authentic Movement and Body-Mind Centering. Rosalind loves to be in water and also teaches yoga and swimming, with the Alexander technique. www.rosalindholgatesmith.com

Matthew is a movement practitioner with particular interests in how the body navigates natural landscapes, developmental and pre-agricultural patterns of human movement and how bodies move together. Matthew has trained as an instructor in the MovNat system of natural movement, and is experienced in martial arts, yoga, acro-yoga, contact improvisation and argentine tango. www.nativemotion.com

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Photography by Delia Spatareanu

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